Help, Voice Over Needed!

So, a voice over is needed, huh? You’ve heard and read the hype – audio is slowly taking over the world. Advertising, content production, audiobooks, television or radio – you name it, it’s there. Audio has a finger in all the pies and you want in on the action. You’ve developed a concept, written the … Read more

Who is a Voice Director, and Do You Need One?

If voice-over jobs had a hierarchy, the voice director would be among the roles on top of the pyramid. Directors are not any more important than actors, producers, and talent agents. They are, however, responsible for planning the strategy of the project. A voice director guides a project to its desired goal. They achieve this … Read more

How to Learn an Accent…and Sound Authentic

Searching ‘how to learn an accent’ in Google, you must have known that there is no quick fix to this problem. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but it’s the truth. Learning an accent takes time and practice. It’s all about listening, very closely, to the accent you want to learn, and then continuously … Read more

Voice Over Auditions: Past, Present and Future

Voice over auditions are a voice artist’s main job. Both neophytes and established talents must continuously undergo this grueling process. What are voice over auditions and what types of auditions are there? What trends are taking hold of the industry? Crucially, what does this all mean for a client who is looking for voice over … Read more

What is the Best Microphone for Voice Over?

If you want to get started in this whole “voice over” thing, you’re going to need an adequate tool. Knowing what the best microphone for voice over is could save you plenty of time and money. It’s not necessary to start big unless you’ve already got a pretty sweet deal lined up. And hey, if … Read more