Work from Home Tips for Voice Actors in 2021

Voice acting is the art of executing voice-overs to represent a character, market products, and entertain people. A voice actor’s voice is the only means by which he expresses himself/herself and connects with people. That’s why, along with a great voice, it’s vital to have acting skills to become a successful voice actor. Voice acting … Read more

Video Game Voice-overs: 5 Tips for Beginners

The video game industry has never looked back ever since its emergence. It is among the top revenue earning industries and has millions of subscribers all over the world. The booming of the industry has simultaneously generated a demand for key players, and the voice-over artist is one of them. Thus, a good voice-over artist … Read more

Voice-over for Podcast: Tips to Sound Good

In the modern era, podcasts have become quite popular. Anyone who has a stronghold on a specific subject matter can easily produce a successful podcast. However, the quality of voice-over for a podcast matters a lot to keep your audience glued to the podcast. In order to sound good on a podcast, you need to … Read more

Best Captioning and Subtitling Tools You Can Try

Captioning and subtitling have become vital to increase the accessibility and understanding of video content. Especially when the content is in a foreign language, adding captions or subtitles is a must to reach a wider audience. While many people find it challenging to create captions, using the readily available tools can make the task much easier. … Read more