How to Get Into Character Without Going Crazy

Are you a voice actor, or looking to direct others? Great! One of the tools that you absolutely can’t go without is knowing how to get into character easily and quickly. I mean, you’ve probably watched Joaquin’s Phoenix mesmerizing performance in Joker and have thought about method acting. Let me assure you that, normally, voice … Read more

Russian Voice: Tips to Sounding Authentic

Searching for the perfect voice for your brand? Look no further, check out our professional Russian voice actors For the love of vodka, Russian voices are prejudiced to sound stereotypically harsh, aggressive and monotonous. Still, it is spoken by 265 million people worldwide. The Russian voice holds significance not only in the corporate world but … Read more

Taking Your Sports Voice Over to the Next Level

Have you seen those voice-overs for sports where the voice actor uses a tone that does not communicate the intensity of the game? Or maybe you’ve seen one where the actor’s voice is slower than the video? It’s very disappointing either way. Voice acting for sports is probably one of the hardest genres you can … Read more

Voice Over Monologues in Films and Documentaries

Voice over monologues are a useful tool for every content creator. One of their most common applications is voice over narration in documentaries. We will examine voice over monologues in fiction film and documentaries and conclude with a list of recommendations for first-rate voice over narration. But if you prefer to watch a video instead, … Read more

Voice Acting for Beginners: Your 101 Handbook

Voice acting. One of the ultimate careers that encourage social distancing in this era of global mayhem! So you’ve been told you have the voice of an angel. But starting out on your own is never easy no matter your entrepreneurial resolve. Whether you’re a company looking to produce media internally, or looking into a … Read more

Even More Tips For Aspiring Voice Actors!

Staying nimble in this uncertain day and age is one of the keys to success. Here at the Bunny Studio, we’re always on hand to help aspiring voice actors out with tips and tricks that can make you a better voice actor. Voice acting, we believe, is a timeless gig that will only grow in … Read more