How to Get Into Character Without Going Crazy

Are you a voice actor, or looking to direct others? Great! One of the tools that you absolutely can’t go without is knowing how to get into character easily and quickly. I mean, you’ve probably watched Joaquin’s Phoenix mesmerizing performance in Joker and have thought about method acting. Let me assure you that, normally, voice … Read more

Voice Acting for Beginners: Your 101 Handbook

Voice acting. One of the ultimate careers that encourage social distancing in this era of global mayhem! So you’ve been told you have the voice of an angel. But starting out on your own is never easy no matter your entrepreneurial resolve. Whether you’re a company looking to produce media internally, or looking into a … Read more

Anime Voice Acting: From Start to Finish

This time around, we take a look at the process of creating Anime voice acting. We will appreciate the importance of translation and voice work, as the two essential building blocks for bringing anime to audiences outside Japan. We will also see how to put together the talent for such a project. Listen to the … Read more

Voice Acting Websites: Where Talent Lives

Everything is voiced nowadays; explainer videos, cartoons, anime, animated features, websites, audio ads – you can barely go two clicks without something calling out for your attention. If you’re thinking about joining in on the action and voicing your brand, you could do worse than seeking talent on a voice acting website. What’s all this … Read more