Taking Your Sports Voice Over to the Next Level

Have you seen those voice-overs for sports where the voice actor uses a tone that does not communicate the intensity of the game? Or maybe you’ve seen one where the actor’s voice is slower than the video? It’s very disappointing either way. Voice acting for sports is probably one of the hardest genres you can … Read more

How to Become a Pro Voice Actor – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

When learning how to become a voice actor, it’s difficult to know what to expect, and even where to start. Voice actors can be performers, entertainers, narrators, and amazing impressionists. It’s still possible to be whoever you want and express yourself authentically under the wide umbrella of ‘voice acting.’ But there’s a problem… You can’t … Read more

A Quick Guide to the Best Voice Actor Type for You

Think of a distinctive voice. Morgan Freeman perhaps comes to mind. His soothing voice is immediately recognizable, and he can sell, narrate, announce or inspire. His is the voice of God and the President. He has guided you through traffic, taken you on an Academy Award-winning journey through the universe, and even once brought a … Read more

How to Make a Good Voice Actor Hire

You’ve reached the point in your project where you need to hire a voice actor in order to keep moving forward. If this is your first time doing so, you’re probably feeling both excited and overwhelmed! If the thought of hiring a voice actor fills you with trepidation, don’t worry. This article is a walkthrough … Read more