Male Voice Actors in Voice Overs

When creating your marketing audio ads and voiceovers with the right voice actors, one of the first things to do is decide between female or male voice actors. While at first thought it may not matter which to use, ultimately, the voice you choose will have a big impact on the success of your ad. … Read more

A Quick Guide to the Best Voice Actor Type for You

Think of a distinctive voice. Morgan Freeman perhaps comes to mind. His soothing voice is immediately recognizable, and he can sell, narrate, announce or inspire. His is the voice of God and the President. He has guided you through traffic, taken you on an Academy Award-winning journey through the universe, and even once brought a … Read more

Voice Over Companies Can Supply the Perfect Talent

A voice over is a technique in television, radio, film, and other productions. It can be in shows, commercials, documentaries, or presentations. Production experts use an actor’s voice for narration separate from the other characters. This voice over actor reads from a script and may or may not be a character in the production. A … Read more