Even More Tips For Aspiring Voice Actors!

Staying nimble in this uncertain day and age is one of the keys to success. Here at the Bunny Studio, we’re always on hand to help aspiring voice actors out with tips and tricks that can make you a better voice actor. Voice acting, we believe, is a timeless gig that will only grow in … Read more

Voice Over YouTube: Engaging Your Audience

YouTube has already enthralled a global audience of 1,300,000,000 loyal users. These whopping numbers, while nothing to scoff at, still pale in comparison to the 80% of humans who continue to swear by television. But, as more users adopt the internet in areas that hitherto had no or limited access, these numbers will shift. You … Read more

Voice Over Music: Connecting Emotionally

The best voice overs leave audiences with a sense of exhilaration and emotional connection. Mostly, that’s due to the power and pathos of the performance. But sometimes music contributes a good measure of what makes a vocal turn shine. The best voice over music is an elegant complement to what’s being said, making the whole … Read more

Voice Over Technology: A Pro's Recommendations

A musician wouldn’t step out in front of millions of screaming fans with a toy guitar unless they expected to leave the stage under the onslaught of boos and jeers. Similarly, top-of-the-line voice-over technology is needed for voice artists to lend their readings depth, richness, and variety. Audio recording and editing software programs give voice … Read more

Getting The Best Out of Narration Scripts – Fairy Tales

Essentially, a narration script develops a story or a tale. Narratives can be presented through a sequence of written or spoken words, still or moving images, or any combination of these. Narratives developed from oral storytelling as the earliest form of sharing narratives. As the forms of presenting narratives developed, so did the narrative scripts. … Read more

How to Become a Dubbing Artist in a Few Steps

Aaaah, it’s been a while since we talked about dubbing at Bunny Studio! But, there’s a reason why great voice artists are pretty much our bread and butter. In fact, over 100,000 talented voice pros currently call Bunny Studio their home, and that’s no joke. If you want to hear all about how to become … Read more

Voice Dubbing Jobs: Where to Find Them

Maybe you want to join the dubbing revolution. And no, I don’t mean dabbing, that’s a dance, and it looks ridiculous (#oldman).  If you’re thinking about either hiring a voice artist or becoming one, you’re in luck. In this article, I aim to provide information about this lucrative, fun career, as well as where to … Read more

Spanish Dubbing: An Ever-Expanding Market

You’ve probably seen the Simpsons in your time, haven’t you? But, you’d be surprised to learn that in Latin America, few people know who Nancy Cartwright and Dan Castellaneta are. And that’s in no small part due to the ubiquitousness of Spanish dubbing. If you want to learn all about this market (that extends to … Read more