How to Learn an Accent…and Sound Authentic

Searching ‘how to learn an accent’ in Google, you must have known that there is no quick fix to this problem. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but it’s the truth. Learning an accent takes time and practice. It’s all about listening, very closely, to the accent you want to learn, and then continuously … Read more

How Conversational Voice Helps Branding Connect

What does it mean to speak with a conversational voice? After all, different people all have varied opinions on what constitutes casual. Also, the type of tone that suits one particular topic of discussion might be fiercely inappropriate elsewhere. A conversational voice is one that shies away from formality in favor of direct, information-oriented discourse. … Read more

How to Record Discord Audio Accordingly

Are you wondering how to record Discord audio for later use? Well, only game freaks can relate! Picture this: You’re on a mission, enjoying the latest Battlefield game on your PC. All is well until you reach the advanced stages, then oops, you hit rock bottom. What do you do?  You’ll seek help. But how … Read more