Wafer Type & Lugged Type Butterfly Valve Uses

With a history dating back over 80 years, butterfly valves are an essential component in a wide variety of applications. Often made from cast iron and stainless steel, butterfly valves are named as such based on the functionality of its disc, shaped like a butterfly to control the flow of liquids. There are two main … Read more

Voice Recorder: Why You Need it for Business

Interviews, testimonials, podcasts, customer calls, etc., are crucial promotional tools for a business looking to optimize its marketing efforts. So the idea of a voice recorder isn’t such a long shot after all. Yes, your company can unlock new potential from a sound recording device than you ever imagined. How would you like to record … Read more

Boy Voice: Tips for Men and Women to Create the Perfect Voice

Who is your favorite cartoon character? You may not notice it, but the boy voice you hear in cartoons is often created by adult women. In the world of voice acting, gender does not matter. Many famous adolescent male characters you grew up with, including Jimmy Neutron, are voiced by adults. Many voice talents simply sound right during … Read more