Animation Scripts: Why You Are Missing Out

Why would you choose to create an abstract-looking character in the name of marketing using animation? While it may appear like hard work, animation videos  and animation scripts offer unrivaled advantages over your ordinary video. Maybe a look at these advantages could convince you to use animations instead of your ordinary video. Advantages of Scripts … Read more

Acing the Art of Writing Video Game Voice Over Scripts

From Super Mario’s “Booping” sound effects to full-on Resident Evil role-playing game (RPG) dialogues, the evolution of computer games has sure been a wild ride! As the realism of simulations intensifies, so does the need for compelling video game voice over scripts. In a whirlwind of adventure, chaos, curiosity, and seat-edging scenarios, character personalities come … Read more

Video Dubbed but Unfunny: Comedy Lost in Translation

“Video dubbed but unfunny!” This is a common complaint and occurrence in translation and dubbing processes. The truth is that dubbing is harder than it looks. Throughout this article, we’ll take a look at the challenge of translation and dubbing. We’ll examine the very real possibility of losing text and meaning in translation. We’ll also … Read more

Video Game Script Examples – Get it Right

Way back when, video games didn’t have scripts; they didn’t have actors voicing parts, either. But now they do and take a read here to see some great video game scripts examples and tips whether you’re a writer or voice artist. What makes a video game script awesome? Video games have made huge leaps over … Read more

Voice Actor for Video Games: What to Look For

It’s safe to say that video games aren’t your grandma’s entertainment anymore; you may still be mentally stuck in the age of the NES and 8-bit games, but things have evolved, and how! Being a voice actor for video games is now a lucrative, rewarding career with plenty of opportunities to perform high-flying drama and … Read more

A Video Game Voice Acting Walkthrough

Video games have been an active part of pop culture since the early 70s. With the entrance of Pong into the scene in ‘72, immense crowds gathered at arcades. This opened the door for the lucrative home console and PC gaming markets; in time, the simplistic games of yore gave way to open-ended, narrative-led experiences … Read more

Do You Have Voice Over Video Needs? Who Doesn’t?

It’s been said before, and we’ll say it again: leveraging the power of multiple mediums is one of the roads to Internet success. If you’re looking to get people talking, there’s nothing like having a strong presence over multiple channels. One of those — perhaps essential — is video. Voicing and portraying your brand effectively … Read more