9 Tips To Aid in Your Voice Over Training

The voice is the primary tool of the trade for a voice-over artist. Just like footballers frequently sharpen their shots, as a voice actor, you must embrace regular voice training to enhance your potential and chances of earning more from the craft. A polished voice will also open more opportunities for your voice career. However, … Read more

Speaking Tips to Fine Tune Your Voice

Do you have a captivating voice and people are telling you that you should be in voice work or maybe you’d like to improve your voice for other professional reasons? With these expert speaking tips, you can get your voice just where you want it to be, and who knows how far that can take … Read more

How Brand Tone Impacts Video and Audio Ads

Is your brand facing an identity crisis? Yes, we’re talking about your brand tone. Being agile and rolling with market demands is one thing. But the old saying that a rolling stone gathers no moss indeed holds some truth. Establishing the right base tone for your brand will differentiate you from your competitors, and make … Read more

Animation Scripts: Why You Are Missing Out

Why would you choose to create an abstract-looking character in the name of marketing using animation? While it may appear like hard work, animation videos  and animation scripts offer unrivaled advantages over your ordinary video. Maybe a look at these advantages could convince you to use animations instead of your ordinary video. Advantages of Scripts … Read more

Why a Mic Test Session Should Precede all Your Podcasts

“We are about to go live! Mic test 1, 2. Is your Mic in perfect working condition!” such utterances are common in studio settings. As an aspiring expert podcaster, you’ll depend on recorded voices to make a living. You’ll probably never part from your microphone. At least not until you’ve achieved your goals. However, hobbies … Read more